Carol (Review)



Carol was directed by Todd Haynes stars Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara and it is an adaptation of the 1952 Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Price of Salt. the film is about an aspiring photographer (Mara) who gets into a relationship with an older woman (Blanchett) and the way most society in the early 50s dealt with a relationship like that and how it will affect their personal and troubled lives.

Todd Haynes’ direction made this period drama into a work of art, everything in the background is beautifully crafted to the early 50s and it is what drives the movie’s slow pace to be rather enjoyable. accompanied by Phyllis Nagy’s powerful screenplay that does the groundbreaking novel justice and brings these characters to life. the thing I loved the most about it is how it is so well designed to make you feel things it is not a film that shouts its plot developments but rather does it through the score the costumes and the sets it is a film that you need to watch more than once to get the full enjoyment of it which is something that I did last night…twice. to add more to the amazing creation Carter Burwell’s emotional score feels like pouring hot water over ice it is so beautiful it makes you want to stop for a second and let it pour in, on top of all this there it comes Edward Lachman’s beautiful shots on a super 16mm film to give the film a crisp texture that makes it feel like you are looking through a window into the 1950s, absolutely fantastic.

Perhaps for the leaser film buff the most shining part of the film is the performances, Cate Blanchett’s higher society member who might lose everything adds most of the tension to the story while Rooney Mara’s innocent and confused youngster makes you wonder what is she doing the whole time, their chemistry together makes their connection believable despite their difference from age background and path, which is what the story is trying to achieve successfully.

Perhaps my only issue with the film is the happy ending which I don’t think it is a problem with this particular film it is mostly a problem I have with most films in general I don’t like happy endings and all of the issues getting fixed somehow I prefer for a little bit of conflict to remain but I guess not everything has a sad crushing ending and Carol’s happy note is one of the enjoyable moments to most viewers but maybe not particularly to me.

Verdict : Todd Haynes successfully makes an adaptation of a classic novel into a masterpiece that makes the best use of its beautiful cinematography, masterful performances and heartwarming score.


Author: Aza Jabar


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