Updated : The Oscars Predictions


Well it is that time of the year again, Papa Chris is here to handout the most prestigious arts and science award of the year, it will be an interesting night and here is who I think who will win the big awards, plus who I wish will win the awards :

  • Best Picture (Went to Spotlight)
    Who Will Win : The Revenant
    Who I wish to Win : The Martian
    While both movies are very similar in my opinion one is clearly more superior when it comes to Oscar-Worthy and that one is The Revenant, but The Martian was much more enjoyable movie.
  • Best Director (Called it!)
    Who Will Win : Alejandro González Iñárritu
    And I wish he wins, he will be the 3rd director to win two years in a row and rightfully so.
  • Best Actor (Lead) (Called It!)
    Who Will Win : Leonardo DiCaprio
    and I wish he wins, he bleed and cried and suffered for his art this year he acted in the impossible film with very minimum dialog he should win
  • Best Actor (Supporting) (Went to Mark Rylance)
    Who Will Win : Sylvester Stallone
    I never thought this day will come but Yeah I wish he wins it is a crazy world we live in last year we wanted Batman (Michael Keaton) to win and this year I am rooting for Rambo, never thought the day will come but I am glad it did.
  • Best Actress (Lead) (Called it!)
    Who Will Win : Brie Larson
    Who I wish Will NOT win : Jennifer Lawrence
    One thing The Martian, The Revenant and Room has in comment, they are all powered by a Powerful performance and Brie Larson really did bring it this year.
  • Best Actress (Supporting) (Called it!)
    Who Will Win : Alicia Vikander
    Who I Wish to Win : Rooney Mara
    While this doesn’t make much sense because as far as I am concerned Alicia Vikander was the lead in The Danish Girl not a supporting never the less the Academy choses who the Academy choses, having said that she should have been nominated for Ex Machina as well, I want Rooney Mara to win strictly because I am in love with her Because of her beautiful performance in Carol.
  • Best Score : (Called it!)
    Who Will Win : Ennio Morricone
    And I wish he does, while Tarantino got snubbed this year from most of the major categories I wish Ennio wins the Oscar for his amazing work on The Hateful Eight.
  • Best Original Screenplay (Went to Spotlight)
    Who Will Win : Inside Out
    I don’t understand why Inside Out is not nominated for best picture because it really should, it is one of the best movies ever produced and it should win everything.
  • Best Adapted Screenplay (Called it!)
    Who Will Win : The Big Short
    Yes Adam McKay of The Other Guys and Anchor Man is going home with an Oscar in writing and rightfully so because the man really did an amazing job with The Big Short.

I will update this post tomorrow with the (I called it) stickers like I did in 2014  until then, Good luck to everyone I guess.


Author: Aza Jabar


2 thoughts on “Updated : The Oscars Predictions”

  1. So i think for reasons you kinda are disappointed in the oscars? , i think supporting actor was deserved but if i were the host prior to announcing I would’ve asked him , aren’t you worried?,, also best actress im happy that lawrence didnt win even happier than my happines for Leo , i dont think spotlight was really deserved to win…good prediction yet disappointing

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