Deadpool (Review)


Deadpool is directed by Tim Miller and stars Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller and it is a “Superhero” movie about the iconic Marvel character and his first cinematic debut, yes I refuse to recognize that god awful X-Men Origins movie.

as a R-Rated comic book adaptation movie Deadpool was a very risky movie which is why the movie didn’t have a massive superhero budget that now days is the norm and that low budget shows throughout the movie to a point even the character makes fun of it few times. if you don’t know anything about Deadpool is more of an anti-hero than a hero he has a lot of powers and he uses them as he wishes while making jokes and fun of everything he is very funny and very violent so this movie is not kid friendly, AT ALL!

One of the most iconic Deadpool treats is that he is self aware, he knows he is in a movie he talks to the audience which most of the fun part comes from he makes jokes about Batman, X-Men movies, Ryan Reynolds, FOX….basically everything. and they all tie into the movie very well. The story of Wade is not a very unique on and if you have seen the trailers you might know what it is guy gets cancer joins Weapon-X program and becomes Deadpool and he goes on a rampage to kill the people who did that to him, the movie has a very weak villain and I am very ok with it because it keeps the focus on Deadpool himself which is I and everyone in the audience really wanted, basically the story serves its purpose and nothing more.

Ryan Reynolds’s performance is key here, at this moment I don’t think I can think of any actor who can do this role he was the perfect candidate and I am really happy it happened this way, he doesn’t take the character into a bald new direction as a matter of fact he keeps it very grounded with the comics and that is really important because Deadpool is a very distinctive character and his source material is very strong so any tampering might cause more damage to the franchise than you think, if you don’t believe me just check out X-Men Origins : Wolverine’s treatment of Deadpool, or you know what don’t because it sucks! 

Verdict : Deadpool didn’t reinvent the Superhero movie genre like Batman Begin did and it is not the the ultimate action movie that Winter Soldier was, but it is an introduction to a character that the world need to know and it does that perfectly.


Author: Aza Jabar


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