30 Minute impression of The Division


When it comes to online games like The Division I believe there are three categories, First the awesome from the beginning like Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and Path of Exile, these games started great and improved overtime which is why many people still play them. The 2nd tear is starting ok and getting good like Diablo 3 and Destiny, these games started ok with some choices that didn’t make any sense but with their backing studio’s constant updates and changes they improved overtime, and the last tear is the disasters from the get go who go into limbo sometimes even before they launch games like Dust 514 and The War Z comes to mind when I think of awful MMOs. The Division seems like the 2nd tear of these games it seems like a good solid game with lots of potential I doubt they will realize all of it at launch but it doesn’t seems like a game that will fail from the beginning and that is fine it is not a big deal some people will bite the dust and end up hating the game after a while and the devs will fail to bring them back some people wont even bother playing it and hate on it every chance they get online, it is what games has been doing for the past 4-5 years.

Which brings me to my main issue with the game which is its setting, I honestly never thought I will ever complain about the realism of a game taking me out of an experience, when I first played Destiny Alpha and fought the wizard from the moon and emptied couple of magazines in her and finally killed her with a grenade I felt like I killed an Alien that needed some power to take down but how am I gonna have the same feeling when I have to put in the same amount of effort into killing a guy in a hoodie? it is not like these “Elite” enemies who are very spongey and need a lot of power to take them down have any special sheilds or anything for that matter it is just a dude in a hoodie with a gun that you need to shoot in the head 20 times to take down, the issue with that is basically a game that looks like a tactical third person shooter with RPG mechanics to a cover based shooter that looks tactical but it is really isn’t just who shoots more.

my 2nd issue with the game is the idea of loot and gear, in Diablo 3 when I get a new piece of gear that I want I know what difference it will make to my play style and also I can see it appearing on screen right in front of me, same thing in Destiny you get a new Exotic weapon or armor will make you look different and play different. in Division however a new gun will have higher damage but it is not gonna freeze enemies to death or shoot lasers it is gonna be the same looking gun that does more damage against guys in hoodies, and I am scared that will get really old really fast and by really fast I mean one week after.

These issues make the game really uninteresting, it is a game that could have made a great single player or co-op experience instead but a setting like this might not work well for an MMO, I still haven’t tried the PvP which I hear it is the best part of the Beta at least and I am definitely not skipping on the game based on these impressions but at the same time I am not as excited as I was for Destiny a month before it release.


Author: Aza Jabar


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