My favorite Space Hard Sci-Fi films

Hard Science Fiction is a subgenre of Sci-fi which deals with scientifically accurate fiction which can be found through the work of Arthur C. Clark and Issac Asimov, for me it is very interesting when the author tries to explain their fictional stories as much as they can using accurate scientific terms and theories, this subgenre can be applied to a lot of other subgenres like heists such as Inception or cop drama like Robocop or detective stories like Minority report but for me they truly shine in space, the following is my favorite examples of Space Sci-fi films:

  • 2001 : A Space Odyssey 
    in 1968 Stanley Kubrick confused the hell out of a lot of people with this movie, written by him and Arthur C. Clark at the same time 2001 is about the journey of mankind from unintelligent apes who are just trying to survive to explorers of the universe and space, the brilliance of this movie is how Kubrik managed to adapt the novel without being verbal at all and used his imagery to speak for its self it is a very hard movie to understand at first but if you are anything like me you will pick up the book right after you are done with this one and continue with it.
  •  Sunshine
    Directed by Danny Boyle the 2007 sci-fi didn’t find a lot of success at the box office but it was very well received by fanatics of the genre, the film is basically about a near future where our sun is going out of juice and a manned mission is headed there to detonate a “Payload” to turn it back up again, without spoiling anything this movie will creep you out at the end and it is a fantastic film.
  • Moon
    When man kind found a way to harvest the sun’s energy on the surface of the moon they set up a station up there with Sam Rockwell, directed by Duncan Jones and staring Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey, Moon was one of the biggest sleeper hits a movie no one expected with a tiny budget to this day it is one of the few good movies that I suggest to anyone who is interested in this subgenre.
  • The Martian 
    2015’s Ridley Scott directed survival film was a big hit both critically and commercially, staring Matt Damon the movie is my favorite in 2015, it is a very good movie that offers a funny and compelling look into a man’s struggle with disco music, and survival on a remote planet that doesn’t support life.
  • Interstellar
    Directed by the always amazing Christopher Nolan Interstellar is the story of man kind leaving earth and looking for another planet to live on, at its core it is about a father and daughter’s love across time and space. I wouldn’t lie if I said I have seen this movie over 10 times and I still ask my friends to watch it with me again, I get really excited when someone watches it because I know they will have many questions and I get to answer them this is a movie that I will I will lose my memory to watch it again it is that good, but believe it or not you will most likely not like it this much if you only watched it once.

Nothing beats a good Sci-fi that you can debate with your friends with, and these movies will keep the debate open for years and years and that makes them really worth it.


Author: Aza Jabar


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