Are we still have fun Bungie?


Destiny is and will be a major title this generation and in a lot of ways the game is great it is fun it is easy to connect with friends and when new content arrives the game is challenging for a while, mechanically Destiny is one of the best shooters out there and it does have one of the best Sci-Fi settings in all of video games, but recently the game has been suffering from a lot of weird decisions by Bungie and lack of recourses might be the problem Bungie might have bitten more than they could chew and for a live game that is a major problem. initially a game like Destiny just like Diablo 3 or Warframe needs to keep people interested in playing on a daily or at least weekly base otherwise they might move on to another game and put your game behind which is a death sentence to the game, the following points is 5 ways Bungie could make Destiny fun again for players without developing too many new content :

  • Patrol difficulty levels : Patrols are the most unused part of Destiny they are boring and most the boredom comes from lack of challenge and reward aside from bounties rarely people play Patrol and there is a way to make this part more interesting by giving people the option to choose difficulty and choosing higher difficulty should give you better loot and rewards.
  • Seasons : I went back to Diablo 3 recently and my god I am hooked on the Seasons system, it is a simple idea you created a seasonal character and play it through the duration of the season and you get better loot for your other characters, why this is not a thing yet?
  • Dayz or The Division like PvP : We’ve all heard of The Division’s Dark Zone PvP/PvE mode and it is what makes most people excited for the game (Me included), what if Destiny had that? imagine a zone on rumored Mercury planet that had high level gear that you had to fight off other guardians and aliens to get to the drop ship like the Phobos mission in The Taken King, Wouldn’t you be interested in that?
  • Patrol PvP : I have said this on many occasions so did many other players Patrol PvP should be a thing, you should be able to choose to turn it on and off when you enter patrol and the game should pair you up with people who has the same setting on, and Iron Banner like unbalanced like setting could make you scared for your life while trying to hide behind some a hive knight in the cosmodrome.
  • Horde mode : A horde mode that doesn’t make you wait and defend a point, but instead go from one point to another capture it while fighting off hordes of aliens, just imagine the possibilities of maps like Mars and Venus can provide you with cover and ideas for tactics, make this mode 6 player and ramp up the difficulty to hard raid like with no reviving until the next point is captured, seriously why is this not a thing yet?

while these will probably never make it to the game but I really think they will make the game a lot more fun simply because people love Destiny’s gameplay and having more options like this is going to make me and many players who left the game come back to it while we wait for Destiny 2 to hit us with all it got.


Author: Aza Jabar


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