The Big Short (Review)

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The Big Short is directed by Adam McKay stars Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt and it is a story about the 2008 house market crash, if you are unfamiliar with the event you might find yourself a bit at loss with this movie’s opening but soon it explains everything in a humorous and rather extraordinary way with Ryan Gosling’s character breaking the fourth wall,time traveling and asking celebrities to explain what was going on in an over the top extraordinary fashion.

The film received universal acclaim from many critics and it is currently nominated for five academy awards including Adam McKay’s first Oscar nom for best director and rightfully so, while he primarily works in comedy his work on The Big Short is impressive he takes a very serious subject and breaks it down with a funny narration it reminded me of 2011’s Cancer Comedy 50/50 staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen of dealing with a serious tragic subject in a way that is funny, entreating, informative and not offensive to the people who suffered this tragedy. he also makes some very cleaver and well thought out mentions of the 2005-2008 era which makes you immerse into the film even more.

in a way this movie has an all male cast, the female characters are usually none existence often on the other end of a phone call and the cast is amazing, Christian Bale passed on True Detective season 2 for this movie and now they are both out we can agree that he made the right call he plays a very very weird man with some rather unusual looks on his face and it is amazing I loved his performance but he is not the ultimate driving force to me Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling was, they delivered a really solid performance of two very different characters one angry and righteous who is trying to do the right thing and one calm and cool and just want to profit off the tragedy, Brad Pitt’s role is small but he also shines as always.

Verdict : The Big Short is an amazing movie in many ways it is funny and interesting while being informative and sympathetic to catastrophic event that almost destroyed the American economy and to this day the world’s economy is still trying to recover from it.


Author: Aza Jabar


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