Comet (Review)


I love to watch movies that I don’t have anything bad to say about and not because of how good the movie is but mostly because how successful it is in delivering the message that it is trying to deliver and that is the case with Comet, Written and Directer by Sam Esmail (of MR. ROBOT fame) staring Justin Long and Emmy Rossum it is a movie about a relationship between the leading characters that is told through a sequence of scenes that perfectly portraits the ups and downs of star crossed lovers.

Justin Long’s character (Dell) is a very smart pessimistic person kinda like Rust Cohle from True Detective and believe it or not Long’s performance actually works as the cocky smartass while Emmy Rossum’s character is like the crazy drifter who most men don’t understand and she is blaming it on her taste in men, their relationship is told in a liner sequence of scenes that is complimented with great cinematography and  very well done performance.

without beating around the bush the movie is a talk flick, there is no action or excitement in the movie so if the script is not strong enough to carry these long conversations the viewer might get bored and I might have kinda lost interest in their current conversation once or twice but the whole thing is very well written and it will keep you engaged through its one and half hours run.

Verdict : Comet is a little movie that is well written and well acted and beautifully directed and it is something you should watch if you like movies that is powered by strong dialog.


Author: Aza Jabar


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