Mr.Nobody (Review)


Mr.Nobody is directed by Jaco Van Dormael and stars Jared Leto and Toby Regbo it came out in 2009 and it is a fantasy/sci-fi story about a future where immortality is real and the world is watching the final mortal man take his final breath.

The movie is not just about that it is actually a very ambitious story dealing with several outcomes of choices the characters make and several lives the same characters would live depending on those choices which wasn’t possible if it wasn’t for the dedicated and brilliant performances of the actors mainly Jared Leto’s Nemo Nobody, Leto’s performance is so real each character feels like a completely different character every time I saw him I knew which character he was and it wasn’t just his hair style that gives it away he is really wears that role, the rest of the cast also did a great job from the female love interests to the child and teenager Nemo.

what makes the movie really stand out is how beautiful the cinematography and the design is, it stands out as a timeless artwork you could take screen caps of some of the landscapes and hang it on your wall because it is really brilliant and various from 1970s suburban to 1980s New York to futuristic cities and even other planets it is beautifully shot and brilliantly directed for a script that is more of a puzzle that you need to put the pieces together yourself in order to come up with the most chronological line for each life and the way the filmmaker put them together by the end of the 2 and half hour run you will have a clear idea about it and that is something rather rare for a film with this scope and size.

Now let’s talk about the soundtrack, the film has a beautiful score throughout the film it is composed by the director’s brother the late Pierre Van Dormael and his music is beautifully capturing the senses of these character’s emotions throughout the film, not only that it plays well into the decade the timeline is in and it is really interesting to have that much attention to detail for music. also the song choices were amazing tracks like Sweet Dreams, Where is My mind?, 99 Red Balloons and The Ink Spots into each life some rain must fall really brought a huge smile on my face.

Verdict : Mr.Nobody is a Sci-fi drama that will keep you captivated for 2 and half hours with its beautiful cinematography, intriguing premise and  script and brilliant performance from Jared Leto makes you want to go back to a second watch as soon as the credits roll.


Author: Aza Jabar


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