A look back at 2015 : Video Games.

With the year coming to an end it is time to look back at the games that made the year special, it was a pretty good year for games with experiences like Bloodborne and MGS V and Fallout 4, the following are some of my favorite games of the year

Games that came out in 2015

  • Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain
    While the game is certainly incomplete and the reason behind it is Konami’s assholishness toward the creator Kojima Production but the game is certainly fun to play and after a 160 hours I am really glad this was Kojima’s last MGS game and I look forward to whatever he makes next (Review).
  • Bloodborne
    Bloodborne was my entry game to From Software’s signature style games, whatever you want to call it Souls like or FromRPG it is a very different style of games hard to play but very rewarding and enjoyable in the long run, also their way of telling the story is very interesting and I can’t wait to play more from them (Review).
  • Fallout 4
    due to reasons beyond my control I haven’t finished the game yet, but I am almost 200 hours in and I love it, I am a hardcore Bethesda fan I always counted Skyrim as my all time favorite game while Fallout 4 is not as good as Skyrim but it is certainly an amazing game and I can’t wait to go back in for more.
  • Destiny : The Taken King
    The expansion to one of my favorite games of last year was really good and it did redefined the game in a good way despite the fact that Bungie’s decision to make all of Year 1 progress redundant kinda put me off the game for now it is still certainly very fun to play and I really do look forward to the next Destiny adventure in 2016.
  • Batman : Arkham Knight
    the sequel to 2011’s open world superhero masterpiece is a worthy follow up, the game relies heavily on the Batmobile and Car combat but that doesn’t make it a bad thing, on the contrary it is very well made extremely well written and one of the most engaging story driven games I played this year.
  • Heroes of The Storm
    I don’t like to play games like Dota 2 and LoL for the very serious competitive scene it is not my cup of tea but I really do enjoy Heroes of The Storm and I do play a match or two at least every week, sometimes I play an entire afternoon if I am in the mood for it, I think Blizzard made a really good MOBA that allows players who are not really into the competitive play get into it and enjoy it, it helps if I had friends to play with that is why I don’t play that often.
  • Pillars of Eternity
    Obsidian Entertainment’s kickstarter success story and the return to classic PC RPGs is a great one, I admit I am still playing it because quite frankly it is a hard game and I need to wrap my head around it but it is really good and deep game and I am glad it exists.

Games that came out earlier but I kept playing them throughout 2015

  • Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft
    I have been playing Hearthstone since early 2014 and it is still one of my favorite games ever, it is so much fun and deep and Blizzard continues with updates and tweaks to make it even better.
  • Path of Exile 
    without a doubt Grinding Gear Games’ ARPG continues to shine year after year, I can’t believe I started this in February 2013 and I am still into it, thanks to new expansions and extremely deep gameplay Path of Exile will continue with me to 2016 without a doubt.
  • Freedom Wars
    Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 6.21.46 PM
    I needed an entry to the Hunter Gender and I didn’t want to spend money so Sony gave us this for free this month, I have to admit the game has a lot going against it from the awful story that gets in my way to uninteresting monsters, but the game mechanics is fun and I have been playing it for a while, not really sure if I will invest more time in it and maybe move on to something worthy like Monster Hunter 4 but for now the game is keeping me busy which is nice.
  • Grand Theft Auto V
    without a single doubt GTA V is one of the best games ever made and I am having a good time playing it, also GTA Online is fun that is all I gotta say.
  • Dark Souls : Prepare to Die edition/Dark Souls 2 : Scholar of the first sin edition
    Both games are great, I am so in love with the From Software style games that I could keep on playing them and I played both games to prepare me for Dark Souls III, 2015 was the year of From Software for me.

Games that could have made this list, but it didn’t because I didn’t play them because of reasons and I will play them in future

  • The Witcher 3 : The Wild Hunt
    in few weeks I will play Witcher 3, I have been pumping myself up for it and I know I will love this game, I won’t say more but I do regret not playing this game last summer to be honest.
  • Halo 5 Guardians
    Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 6.32.51 PM
    it might have been poorly received by the fans for relaying it on Halo’s Expanded universe lore which I do enjoy a lot and I think it is fascinating therefor I am sure I would have enjoyed Halo 5 if I have played it but I haven’t yet and I will soon, hopefully.
  • Just Cause 3
    Open world shenanigans what not to love? Just Cause 2 was really fun and crazy and Just Cause 3 is even bigger and crazier from what it looks like so I will jump in as soon as I can.
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 8.11.32 PM
    I wanted to get into the Hunter Genre this year but I keep putting it off until december and I started with Freedom Wars, but I am going to play Monster Hunter 4 next year and I am sure I will love it.

Games that I am so glad I didn’t play them because it would have never made it to this list and I hate to play bad games

  • The Order 1886
    Sony whored this game around for more than a year in every possible way but the final product is a mish mash of cutscenes and QTE for 6 hours and it will cost you $60, no fank you.
  • Mad Max
    Ok let me explain one thing, I love the Mad Max movies and the idea of getting an open world Mad Max game made by a good studio made me want to jump in asap but from what I gather the game is pretty mediocre and has so many issues therefore I am sure I won’t like it and I really don’t want to have a single reason to hate Mad Max so I will skip on this for now, hopefully the next game will be good.

Best Demo or Alpha/Beta experience

  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (Demo)
    Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 8.11.32 PM
    I played this demo for over 15 hours, it is honestly a really good standalone game if you forget about the fact that it is just one area and three monsters, from what I see it this demo is better than a game like Order 1886 because it is packed with weapons and online multiplayer option.
  • Battleborn (Alpha)
    Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 8.17.31 PM
    Gearbox’s Hero Shooter might not appeal to everyone and it certainly has a stive and harsh competition (Overwatch, Paladin, Paragon) but I certainly enjoyed the Alpha but I am not sure I will buy the full game since I have no friends to play with.
  • Duelyst (Beta)
    I want to play this game more I really do, it is beautiful and deep and combines two of my favorite genres, but it is a browser game it is kinda putting me off it, I am hopping it will come to iPads next year because this game will do well there and I will keep on playing it.

Author: Aza Jabar


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