The Hateful Eight (Review)


The Hateful Eight is the 8th film by the acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino and it stars Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh and many more. the film is a western takes place after the civil war and it is about a group of strangers taking shelter in a tavern one of them is a criminal and the bounty hunter that caught her believes that someone is not who he says he is and he is trying to free her, which leads to alliances and interesting conversations between the characters about society, justice, the war and racism. one of the strongest aspect of the movie is its pacing as per usual Tarantino lets his characters speak their minds and deliver extremely interesting lines without holding back and the results are very cruel dialogs to a point it made me feel hatred toward some of the characters. one of the most interesting aspects of the film is it is shot in 70mm which is very rare for this day and age usually films are shot in digital now days and the results are very beautiful wide shots that gives you the feel of movies such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Ben Hur and Laurence of Arabia and that is something really rare now days, in addition the movie takes place in a blizzard so Tarantino refrigerated the set to give an authentic feel of cold to the characters and you really do feel that these characters are cold and shivering, none of the CGI Social Network cold breath for this one.

Let’s talk about the cast a little bit, every one of them is an acclaimed actor and they do an amazing job delivering those witty lines, perhaps this is Samuel L. Jackson’s best performance since Pulp Fiction he is not just being Sam Jackson he is really hitting all the right notes with this character and I really wish he would take some awards and recognition for it, and also Jennifer Jason Leigh is doing a really good job with her character as well and she is really funny throughout the movie I really enjoyed her performance and laughed out loud at some of her weird dialogs. one more thing to note here is Tarantino himself he makes an appearance in most of his movies and he did make one in this one as well and in a very nice fashion, I won’t spoil it for you but it is my favorite appearence of him in his films to date.

Another big name in this movie is Ennio Morricone who scored the film, it is his first western in 40 years and in the past Ennio stated that he will never work with Tarantino again after Django Unchained but later changed his mind and what is interesting is Tarantino was also against letting anyone compose for his films and he is well known for picking his music and editing his shots to certain songs but this time he changed his direction and I gotta say it is really beautiful, in addition three tracks from Ennio’s sound track for John Carpenter’s The Thing was also used for this film.

Verdict : Someone once said “Superhero films will die out just like how the western died” but I guess they didn’t have Tarantino in mind, The Hateful Eight is not just a good film it is a monumental work that makes you not look away from the screen during its 2 hours and 45 minutes, it is beautiful bloody and cruel and the final sequence will keep you on your toes and that makes it one of the best films of the year.


Author: Aza Jabar


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