Star Wars : The Force Awakens (No Spoilers Review)


Star Wars : The Force Awakens is the 7th* Star Wars movie and the first one without the George Lucas’s involvement, the movie is directed by J. J. Abrams (Star Trek, Super 8, Cloverfield) and stars Daisy RidleyJohn BoyegaOscar Isaac and Adam Driver as the new cast with the old cast returning to reprise their roles as the classic characters, the film is also co-written by J.J. and Lawrence Edward Kasdan who Co-wrote The Empire strikes back which is considered the best Star Wars movie, before I get to the review let me tell you the weight of this movie if you are not a Star Wars fan and you haven’t watched the movies you should understand that Star Wars fans are like Manchester United Hooligan fans, they take these movies very seriously and rightfully so, I rewatch the series every year because I love them that much, it was my gateway to everything from video games to books to Anime because Star Wars made me fall in love with Sci-fi and Fantasy and after the original trilogy George Lucas made the prequels and to many fans he basically shitted all over Star Wars with his awful script and terrible casting choices, they did tell a good story but did more damage than good, so with the new trilogy fans (me included) were very concerned about how are they going to bring back the faith that was broken so imagine the relief that I felt when I found out the reaction to the movie is very positive, but I did go in the movie theater with a lot of skepticism and grounded expectation and I was blown away by what I watched, without a doubt this is a Star Wars movie that does so many things right it made me shiver and covered in goosebumps and scream and gasp which is rarely happens to me now days when I watch a movie, so without further delays here are what I liked and disliked about the movie (without spoiling anything) :


+ The Good Guys : Old and New cast, the good guys did a great job and Daisy Ridley’s Rey stole the show for me her character is really amazing, she is a badass and also a humble person with enough mystery to keep you guessing, Harrison Ford also did an amazing job and delivered some very powerful moments, very excited to see where the new characters will go in the next movie.
+ The Bad Guys : Kylo Ren is scary, he is evil and terrifying but not just that he is relatable and you can see why, he doesn’t just appear out of nowhere you get to know his past and how he became what he became, also his powers are terrifying and Adam Driver is doing a great job as the character.
+ The Script : what makes the script so appealing is the fact that it doesn’t take itself so seriously all the time like the prequels did, in fact I was laughing a lot while watching it because it is genuinely funny, and also when the right time comes the movie becomes very emotional and gives you a punch of feels.
+ The Director : J. J. Abrams did an amazing job with practical effects and the action sequences and I didn’t noticed any lense flares so thank god for that
+ Music and Sound Effects : Star Wars was always known for great music, John Williams’ score is blood pumping and I was covered with goosebumps at times because of how good the music was introduced to emotional scene, but what really surprised me was the sound effects the Blasters didn’t just “pew pew” like they used to they had a weight and feel to them and the Lightsabers didn’t make that weird sound as much as they used to, over all this movie had an amazing sound design and I really hope they keep doing the same good job for the next movie.

Dislikes :

Some of the choices : while I understand why they made them but they did feel like just necessary moments to move the plot and establish the new trilogy, I won’t spoil anything here but they did feel a bit rushed.

Verdict : if Nostalgia wasn’t a factor The Force Awakens will be my favorite Star Wars movie, it is well directed well acted blood pumping and emotional and does it all with grace, with a throw back to the original trilogy and also establishes Star Wars as not just a story about Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker but a universe with many stories to tell, and I know it is impossible to please everyone I have read enough negative reviews to tell you that it didn’t please everyone but keep this in mind if you are a Star Wars fan this is the best movie to come out in over 30 years, one I am so glad that it exists.

*I really don’t count The Clone Wars as a main Star Wars movie neither should you.


Author: Aza Jabar


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  1. Not a review, a fanboy listicle. Value judgements? Aesthetic appreciation? What a moron. And since you wished cancer on me, let me express the hope that the INS comes hunting up your troll ass.

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