The Leftovers Season 2 (Review)


The Leftovers was created by Damon lindelof and Tom Perrotta and it is an adaptation of Perrotta’s novel, the first season premiered on HBO to near universal acclaim for its strong performances and beautifully directed show about depression and lost of hope after an event occurs that no one can explain, the 2nd season went through a makeover by changing its setting and location from New York to Texas and by changing most of its cast except the main protagonists, at first if nothing I was a bit worried about these changes but I also believed that this show has great potential to create yet another great season from its strong base material and extremely talented cast, and boy was I not just right I am blown away by how good this season turned out to be, here we go :

+ Performances : Especially from Justin Theroux that man really bring it this season, he has to win an emmy because his commitment to the role was nothing short of perfection, the rest of the cast did remarkable work as well but Justin really stood out and he was for the majority of the season the main focus of the storyline
+ The Script : no matter how good an actor is he is still bound to a script, the writers managed to write a piece of work that was so moving and powerful that I could say it is one of the best work this year.
+ The Scor and Soundtrack : Max Richter continues to amaze with his powerful pieces of music and choice of songs especially “Where is my mind” which was played on numerous times throughout the season.

– Nothing : I can’t think of a single thing.

Verdict : with Season 3 maybe not coming due to the show’s lower ratings this season I think I could say without a doubt that all those who left the show missed out on one of the best seasons I have ever seen making it one of the best achievements currently on HBO.


Author: Aza Jabar


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