The Hunger Games series (Review)


With the last movie hitting the theaters this weekend and millions of fans rushing in to see the conclusion to one of the biggest movie franchises in recent memory, based on the popular young adult series The Hunger Games is set in the fictional country of Panem which is a very weird dystopian or post apocalyptic country consists of 13 districts all ruled by the one mighty president Snow and his army of peacekeepers and their annual Hunger Games, a yearly competition between the districts where they put young fighters against each other in a brutal fight to death as a way to keep them in line, now this story is pretty long so I am not going to sum it up here all you need to know that every component of a young adult novel series is in this series from the Love triangle to the Father figure to rebellious and badass girl who for some reason everyone seems to fall in love with so without further adieu let me give you my take on what worked and didn’t work about The Hunger Games movie series :

Note : 
1- I will probably spoil everything here so if you haven’t seen all four movies don’t read any further.
2-haven’t read the books and I am only talking about the films here.

Likes :

  • The Quality of the films : if you compare them with something like Twilight The Hunger Games are pretty enjoyable movies even though they fall into the same category, the movies are well directed greatly acted and beautifully designed, one of the best parts of this series is the costumes they feel like a part of the world and they don’t just look weird and futuristic.
  • Casting and Acting : the cast of this franchise is one of the best, with Jennifer Lawrence leading the pact, if there is ever a perfect casted character this gotta be one of them, and not just her everyone else is doing a great job, RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman it was painful to know this was the last thing he did and I think they handled that last scene well the one he couldn’t complete.


  • Setting : I am a sucker for a dystopian post apocalyptic cyberpunk setting naturally I should have loved Panem, but this world makes no sense at all for starters the government system is like a Nazi regime but they care about what the districts think of them president Snow doesn’t care about killing kids and women and children but he cares about he cares about the words he says to them, it just feels incomplete and weird and honestly I still can’t picture a world map for these districts, they should have made that part more clear.
  • The Love Triangle : Oh where do I begin? the Love triangle is like the big selling point of the story while none of it make any sense, the fact that Katniss kisses Gale whenever she feels like it but still wants Peeta is just weird, and both these guys are as lifeless as they can be they are so one dimensional and lifeless I honestly think if one of them died in the first part and lived on as memory for Katniss things would have been much better.
  • The Ending : The last novel of the saga is considered the weakest one and it was split into two big budget movies for some “Artistic reason” if you know what I mean, if they didn’t do that it might have ended being a decent action flick which is pretty good but it just wasn’t, basically it was a behind the scenes movies about shooting propaganda while they washed over the action leading to an ending that was so predictable and boring, at least we got some closure about Katniss becoming a mom because isn’t that what every girl want?

Verdict : Overall The Hunger Games Saga is an interesting series filled with a lot of foreplay and not much of a climax.


Author: Aza Jabar


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