Spectre (Review)

Spectre stars Daniel Craig in his fourth outing as James Bond and it was directed by 2012’s impeccable Bond flick Skyfall Sam Mendes, when I first heard about Spectre I had one worry “are they gonna make Skyfall 2 to cash in on Skyfall’s success?” because you know Skyfall is the most successful Bond movie ever in terms of critical and commercial success so that worry was legitimate even though I love Skyfall I would like the franchise to go to a different direction with every movie to make it feel like a standalone action movie, and I was pleasantly surprised that Spectre is not Skyfall 2 and with that is both good and bad at the same time, well maybe not Bad just not super awesome.


+ Classic Bond : Everything you know and love about Bond movies is in there from the over the top action to the women and the cars and gadgets, Daniel Craig is still great as Bond he still wears the hell out of the suit and can seduce the pants off anyone.
+ Great Action : Spectre puts Bond against the biggest crime syndicate on the planet so naturally there will be a lot of action sequences in the process, paired with Sam Mendes’s amazing shots and you got a really amazing action movie that anyone can enjoy despite their love for the franchise.
+ The Score : before we got into the movie my friend wondered if this movie will have a great soundtrack like Skyfall did and man we were blown away by it, they are just blood pumping and really well designed to complement the action, also the title screen paired with Sam Smith’s Writings on the Wall was awesome despite what some make you believe.
+ The Cast : while the main villain played by Christoph Waltz didn’t get much screen time but that man can always deliver lines perfectly and the rest of the cast like Ralph Fiennes’s M. and Ben Whishaw’s Q. reprised their roles and were awesome to watch, perhaps the best one of the cast was Léa Seydoux as Dr. Swan which is the latest Bond girl which made me feel like Bond really needs a badass woman to make him perform those miracles and she did exactly that.

Pacing : The back and forth between MI6 and where Bond was took me out of the experience a few times, I could understand why they did it that way the script really needed it but at the same time it was a bit disappointing at times.

Verdict : following something like Skyfall is a really hard task, a lot of great Movies and Games and TV shows end up getting criticized by critics who love to compare them, it happened to The Dark Knight Rises, it happened to Mass Effect 3 and it happened to this year’s True Detective Season 2, there might be legitimate grounds to compare the two movies but when you look at Spectre as a standalone action movie it is an awesome one while being a great Bond movie at the same time.


Author: Aza Jabar


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