Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Review)

For me Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid was always the best way to sell me a console, I bought the PS2 for MGS 3 and I bought PSP for MGS PO and I almost bought PS4 for MGS 4 but I didn’t because I was living overseas back then and I wanted to eat food, despite how I felt about MGS 4 which I thought it was a let down I went in The Phantom Pain with an open mind but also a sceptical mindset that I might not like everything I see here, for me the age of long cut scenes and hour long codec conversations is over and I can’t go through that anymore, feeling that you have no impact over the world is a thing of the past for me and I am glad it was the same for Kojima :

The Likes
+Open World Greatness : The Phantom Pain lets you run wild on two HUGE maps, while the settings are kinda boring some kind of City would have been more amazing as far as I am concerned still the fact that you can be the Phantom that haunts an entire army who steals their resources and kidnaps their best soldiers is a joy ride.

+Stealth Action at it’s best : in a way MGS V feels like all the evolution Kojima implemented on each MGS game in the past 27 years in one package, the gameplay mechanics here is the best thing right now with small additives like reflex mode a bionic arm modification and the buddy system just makes everything amazing, and it is that great gameplay that makes the repetitive mission design of the game not tedious and actually fun.

+The Man Who Sold The World : in other words Big Boss’s story, the whole thing and if you played it you know what I am talking about, despite how some people felt about it for me that bait and switch worked so well and made me feel like I had something to do with this story and I wasn’t just there to watch cutscenes, The game takes a lot of inspirations from classic books such as 1984, Lord of Flies and Moby Dick, one of the things I really enjoyed about the game is how it tied loose ends in other MGS games before it connected dots to other MGS games that is coming after it in the chronological timeline.


-Helicopter rides : After 100 hours This is Pequod arriving shortly at LZ becomes very very boring, not just that travelling within the open map is kinda hard because you don’t have any fast travel options which forces you to exit the map and land somewhere else and go through 4 loading screens, not the best use of my time Kojima!

-Lense Flares, Slow downs and the overly abstract nature of the cutscenes : don’t get me wrong I love things that you need to rewatch couple of times to understand it but some of the cutscenes doesn’t make any sense, remember the firethorn unicorn, or the fire whale? and so many slow downs and Lense flares to make J. J. Abrams run for his money.


With all the things you can do in MGS V it boils down to one question : after 130 hours did I enjoy my time in MGS V? Yes I absolutely did, will I go through it again like I did with the other MGS games before it? No, MGS V is not that kind of game and it is very very different than the games before it, and it is without a doubt one of the best games of 2015,


Author: Aza Jabar


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