#E32015 wish list

it — is that time of the year again, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is upon us in less than a month the show will kick of with the biggest names in Gaming industry show offing what they are working on for the upcoming gaming year, E3 is such a big deal it usually reflects on the state of the industry not just showcasing games and new gear like it used to, Sony and Microsoft usually go head to head and trying to “Wow” millions of gamers watching from their homes with the upcoming games, the following is some of my wish list for this year’s E3 :

  • Persona 5 for vita, in 2015
    Persona 5 looks like the game I will be spending 200 hours in, I loved Persona 2,3,4 and I have played them all on portable devices I think the game suits portable more. with P5 coming to PS3 and PS4 I just wish to the gaming Gods that the game will get a Day 1 Port for Sony’s troubled child the Vita, please make this happen.
  • Destiny 2, Destiny’s Taken King
    After hundreds of hours in Bungie’s Shared world shooter RPG-ish and with the release of The House of Wolves looks like Bungie is learning how to make Destiny a better game, my hopes and dreams for The Taken King is to be more Destiny content which I think we will get, my Dreams for Destiny 2 is Please for the love god Bungie you created an awesome world let us explore it more and not just 4 zones, please.
  • Upcoming Bethesda title
    it is been a while, 2011 was almost 4 years ago and we are due for a new Bethesda game, I know I couldn’t dream that big and say “Elder Scrolls” but Fallout 3 was also pretty amazing so I will settle for Fallout 4, for the love of God make it a 2015 game.
  • Bloodborne Expansion
    With the game being a huge success (Critical/commercial) we could get lucky enough with a DLC, maybe add in an Arena or some more of this scary world to explore.
  • Next level Game’s Metroid
    A Game that we keet hearing about, does it exist or it is just a myth?I wish there will be a 2D metroid on 3DS made by these guys,they did a great job on Luigi’s mansion and I know they can make the next Metroid something special.

Well there you have it,my wish list for 2015’s big event so lets see if I am lucky enough to get them all.


Author: Aza Jabar


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