5 things Destiny needs to add…..at some point!


As — Someone who played Destiny for over 300 hours and will continue playing and very excited for House of Wolves I want to touch on couple of subjects regarding the state of the game right now, truth to be told Destiny is not the best game ever and it was a huge disappointment when it came out, over the past 9 months the game went through some changes and HoW looks like a step in the right direction but still the game needs A LOT more to keep people interested and coming the following is a list of things I think can make Destiny a much much better game :

Patrol Difficulty modifier 
Lets face it no one likes Patrol it is very boring, Patrol missions are the following (Kill some enemies, Kill certain types of enemies and collect their loot, Scan something, Scout a location and kill a “high” profile target) if you are a level 32 why would you want to go to the Cosmodrome and kill level 1-9 enemies? it is super boring and they rarely drop anything good, so the only reason people do them is because of the daily Bounties and they are also getting extremely boring, but what if the game offered a difficulty modifier for Patrol? with better Loot and Experience? wouldn’t that be amazing? imagine fighting level 30 enemies who can drop you if you let your guard down instead of casually walking through Old Russia and Ishtar Sink?

Optional Open World PvP 
Now imagine if you could turn on PvP when you do patrols? for that the game needs to add some specific bounties and I think this is where the Factions could come in, factions are very pointless part of Destiny they have some very interesting lore behind them but they are extremely pointless, you could wear a full set of Dead Orbit and do Patrol missions for FWC I mean that doesn’t make any sense!! if Bungie can fix that and each faction should have their own Bounties and when you want to do them other faction members should be able to Snipe you down.

Destiny’s loot system is a lottery, from day one I have been wanting a Hawkmoon and I still don’t have it! I play the weekly Nightfall every week and I still haven’t gotten a Hawkmoon because it is just damn luck, now if I could put a 100 hours in just to get that Hawkmoon and knowing full well that I will get it by the time I am done with gathering materials and crafting for it I will do it, a Crafting system will save Destiny’s broken loot system and might finally get me a Hawkmoon.

Assassination Contract of Randomly generated targets
Now this might be a little weird but hear me out : A vendor at the tower gives you a bounty, Kill a level 30 Hive Wizard located near the Hellmouth, you go to that part of the moon and enter a Darkness Zone fight your way to the wizard who has a Void Shield and does Arc burn, now what can be better than that?

In-game LFG
Now this shouldn’t be that hard, Bungie for the love of god add an ingame Looking for Group method that lets people find other guardians to Raid and do other end game content with, just copy and paste some of the methods other sites are using and make some menus it shouldn’t be that hard, please keep in mind I am not saying add Matchmaking for raids god no! just an LFG that you can find other guardians and communicate with them that is basically it.

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Author: Aza Jabar


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