Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (Review)


Space! — seems like a very hot topic these days (Rosetta mission, Interstellar, Destiny…etc) but some of us might be missing what it could be the real hidden gem in space sci-fis and that ladies and gents is Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199, as a kid the original series was one of my most favorite things I could say it was my all time favorite but Pokemon is a thing so I cannot say that very loudly and back in 2010 when I heard they will remake this series I was mostly happy with the fact that the show could use some modern day animations for the awesome space battles that takes place in it, and I am happy to inform that I was not disappointed at all, the following are my Pros and Cons about the show

Pros :
+ The Animation : I could say this and not feel bad about it, Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is by far the best looking Anime right now, the space battles and especially some of the battles in the later episodes is truly amazing if you are going to watch this show I highly recommend a very high definition on a very big screen.
+ The Story : the plot is basic earth is under attack, travel all the way to another planet to save earth while fighting the evil Gamilians, but what makes Yamato a great show is the character relationships and ups and downs that occur during that year long trip, and they are very well voice acted especially Takayaki Sougo‘s performance as Okita shines also Kouichi Yamadera as the evil Desler truly owns the role, in the remake they give a little more attention to the antagonists which I thought it really made the story deeper and more emotional.
+ Music and Sound effects : the music of Yamato 2199 is an amazing remake of the original’s iconic score, I’m very happy to report that Isao Sasaki is back to do the opening of the show which is super awesome.

– Not much to complain about except one filler episode that ended up not being very as much as a filler that I expected it to be, there is a little pacing issue with couple of episodes but it is not that bad.


Bottom line, this remake is really a treat for the old school Yamato fans and if you are new to the series you should really give this amazing series a go.


Author: Aza Jabar


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