The Leftovers : Season One (Review)




HBO — has hit a steady stream of home runs in the past few years with Game of Thrones and True Detective to Veep and Silicon Valley, but I personally think The leftovers is their baldest and most intriguing show yet, now am not saying by any means this is the best one not even close but it is attempting something a lot of other shows is avoiding which basically is not giving what the audience want which is a clear path story, right from the bat the show basically tells you “You are not getting all the answers, not even remotely” so it takes a lot of patience to actually get into the story because the biggest answer to the whole “Leftovers” is going to remain unanswered, I think if you want to get into this show you will have to watch it with a clear head that this is not a feel good show, the heroes are not going to win in the end and quite frankly you will never be very clear about who are the heroes.


Based on a book that came out in 2011 by Tom Perrotta the story follows an event that occurred 3 years prior to the series which %2 of the world population has “Suddenly Departed” without any explanation whats or ever. this show is about those who stayed behind, whose world is no longer makes any sense and they are doubting everything now, neither science or religion or anything else can answer that question “Where did they go?“. people, animals, things are not the same as they used to. everyone is pretending that life moves on but where is it moving on to? this show really goes deep of the human character and shows you an abandoned creature by everything around it, the same creature that for thousands of years tried to answer every question that comes in its way now it is helpless and hopeless, this is where the show really thrives and really what makes it one of the very best shows on HBO right now.


Author: Aza Jabar


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