What makes Destiny so exciting!


September — 9th is our day with Destiny, I can’t hide how much am excited for this game, I am very VERY excited this game looks awesome and what Bungie is doing is awesome, lets rewind a little and look at what Bungie is making a “Shared world Massive multiplayer Shooter which you will have the ability to craft your character from one of the 3 classes and one of the 3 races and you will have a massive solar system to explore to power yourself up” so this is what Bungie is doing but what are they really making? well it is a blend I think this is what most Successful games has been doing recently they blend genres and they bring elements from other titles and mix it up here, the following is what I think is being adapted into Destiny :


HALO : the shooting mechanism looks like Halo, and that is a great thing Halo has always nailed the Shooter game, you can be on difference with the story, the universe and the art style but the shooting in Halo is seriously awesome it feels like you are fighting with a bunch of people not just shooting them, Destiny is adapting the same style since it is from the same developer.


Borderlands : the Diablo shooter is a massive series, selling over 14 million copies and spawning a Pre-Sequel (coming this year) a Vita version of Borderlands 2 (coming May 13th) and a Telltale episodic series (coming later this year which am very exited about) Borderlands is basically an RPG-Shooter puts you on Pandora and have you look for better weapons and gear and level up and kill everything in your way in the process, Destiny is obviously borrowing from Borderland when it comes to gearing up and traveling and playing with friends which is all good as far as am concerned.


MMORPGs : World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, The Elder Scrolls Online are all very popular games, people who play MMOs they end up playing it for years and years, I have been play Guild Wars 2 since it’s launch and I still don’t think I have done much in it because it is MASSIVE you have personal story, world quest, group quest, group events, world events, dungeons and each of them has more than 3 routs and PvP and Crafting……etc! it is a never ending game and you will always have things to do, Destiny borrows heavily from MMOs the latest preview shows the game’s Raiding system which you and 2 of your buddies choose missions and do them to earn XP and loot and the game will have PvP and couple of other mods that they are not showing just yet.


Monster Hunter : Huge in japan and not so huge anywhere else the Monster Hunter series is Capcom’s ace in the hole, they make most of their big buck from this series and there are SO MANY clones of this game already (Toukiden, Freedom Wars, God Eater…etc) the game’s four player co-op hunt game is fun to play and looks like Destiny is borrowing this element to the game which they should, I remember when I was playing Fallout 3 I wished the game had such mode and now Destiny is coming up with something like that.

this is what I think of Destiny so far, remember the game did not show anything yet most of it is still under tight doors supposedly they will show more at E3 this year, and the beta is during the summer so we will for sure find out more there, and have I mentioned that in the game you will have a robotic companion named ghost and he is voiced by this guy? yep am sold here is my $60!


Author: Aza Jabar


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