Best of HBO (On Air/Finished)


The Home — Box Office channel is one of the top quality american channels ever, arguably it was HBO that made TV what TV is today with bold programs and amazing production value HBO is the place to go for your fix, the following is a list of what I think are the best of the best on HBO (Aka The Home Builders Organization)

Currently on Air :


Larry Fucking David, being one of the most successful comedians of all time and after he was done with Seinfeld he moved to HBO with Curb, a 30 Minute sitcom with 10 episodes each season larry puts himself and along with him the viewer in situations that will make you want to hate him yet you can’t ever stop loving his show, Currently the show has been off air since 2011 since Larry hasn’t decided to make another season, but HBO is confident that he will be back


The Political comedy starts another beloved Seinfeld Alum with this highly successful and critically acclaimed show, if you like your comedies smart Veep is the show to watch


A Rather short show created by the awesome Mr. Aaron Sorkin you know him from his Oscar winning movie The Social Network, or his other very popular show The West Wing, the Newsroom is coming to an end this year with it’s 3rd and final season


if you like Crime drama -and lets face it we all do- you will love Boardwalk empire, this Martin Scorsese produced show was created by Terence Winter one of the men behind another amazing HBO show The Sopranos will put you on the edge of your seat with it’s very acclaimed 4 seasons and the 5th and last that is coming this year


this anthology series is going to mess you up! I rewatched the first season 3 times just to enjoy every second of it to the max and this is by far the best I have ever seen to be put on TV, you can read my review of the first season here.


 I don’t want to get much into this, Currently A Song of Ice and Fire is my most invested in story I read the books and watch the show and follow everything that is happening around this universe with a very keen eye, the HBO show is great and if you want to get into this world this is a good place to start



Those who watched it swear by it and those who haven’t are always planning to, this show is without a doubt one of the best cop dramas that was ever made, the show takes place in the city of Baltimore following a group of cops and criminals alike The Wire explores a slice of life that starts just like it finishes


a Show that deals primarily with…DEATH, a family that runs a Funeral home and the way they deal with a big death in the family across 5 seasons the show takes a slice of life of the Fischer family and shows you some of the darkest sides of the real life while keeping it as REAL as a TV production can, this show had a huge effect on me to a point it made me love the Art of Photography and to this day I consider this one of my great passions.


By most Standards The Sopranos is the Citizen Cane of TV shows, this is the show that started it all and everything else followed it’s foot steps and people this means a lot, if you haven’t seen The Sopranos you need to change that right now and if you have then….rewatch it maybe 😀

so there you have it, the best of HBO maybe later I will write more about other TV shows that I think people should watch, and before I forget the reason why this list does not include True Blood and Girls is because I don’t like them anymore, True Blood Sucked after season 4 and Girls always sucked so go figure!


Author: Aza Jabar


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