Wait a little for : Tales from the Borderlands


Episodic — Gaming goes a while back but the new Telltale style of telling a story and choices carrying on is almost feels like the next transition of TV Series which am very fond of, I really liked The Walking Dead’s first season and the 2nd season seems even better, then telltale made The Wolf Among Us and that was really good too and at Spike Game awards they announced Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones series from Telltale so it is safe to assume the company is going to have 4 major series for the next few years with Borderlands coming first and being followed by Game of Thrones, lets not talk about Game of Thrones since we haven’t seen or heard anything from it except the fact it wont be a prequel which I wished it would be (Bummer!) lets talk about the tale of deceive and conning of Borderlands


set on the planet we all love Pandora telltale’s borderlands will have you choose between Fiona a con-artist and Rhys a Hyperion worker and the story is told from each one’s perspective or something like that! now let me elaborate here, our “Heroes” are not telling the truth about this story and you will never know how the story really happened each is telling it according to her/his best interest and that is the best you got, to me this is a very interesting way to tell a story that it rarely happened before (True Detective’s Episode 5 is kinda like that if you know what I mean, if you don’t change that watch True Detective) and I am very excited to check out what is up with these two, know that the story might be connected to Borderlands 2 since it take place after that, Tales from the Borderlands is set to come later this year to every device out there as it has been the Telltale way.


Author: Aza Jabar


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