Infamous Second Son (Review)


Open — World Action Adventure games is without a doubt my 2nd most favorite genre of games after RPGs, I always loved discovering a fictional land mark and having the ability to do whatever I want in them and I had my eyes on infamous series since first I saw it, having said that I wasn’t a big fan of the fact that you only had electricity in the first game but still the game was intriguing to me but Unfortunately I never got the chance to play either of them and I used couple of Youtube videos to catch up to the story of Cole and see what was up with this series, I must admit I did like the story of the first 2 games a lot and I was pretty excited to tackle Second Son and see how this game is….and to my surprise it wasn’t what I thought it was!



First of all this game sounds and looks amazing, the graphics, shadows, lights and effects are so good that I felt like I was in Seattle, the city feels alive and the people you see the way they walk and talk to each other it just feels real and amazing, the Powers effects are even better especially Smoke it is amazing how natural it feels, more good stuff the characters and the story to a point it was good Delsin and Reggie were funny at sometimes and the other characters were a good addition to the good story that Second Son offered, but that is where am going to stop parsing this game now and get to the part of saying bad stuff about it.


first of all THE CITY while I said all that good stuff about it the city feels like it is so unnecessary and the open world game around should have been way bigger while all the missions and main quests are fun and well crafted yet they are so liner and they don’t feel like an open world at all, the powers are great but they never were fully realized and used in a good capacity and leveling them up felt so unnecessary just power up Smoke drain and Missile drain and you are good to go, and this game is a shooter at least in the beginning of the game all I did is hide behind covers and shoot at the DUP and hide behind covers recharge and shoot again, the later part of the game when I powered up the missiles all I did is shoot couple of them and done everyone is dead, and now to the weakest part THE STORY it is so weird! I still don’t know are you playing the good guy or the bad guy even though I went with all good Karma I was still a douche! was Augustine bad? she did kill people but she wanted to protect the conduits….aghhh! it is just weird! and the game only had 6 characters and that was it! the drug part was short as hell, the angel part was short as hell the bosses were overly easy and the final battle was….




Terrible! and you know why? because I spent the better part of the game leveling up my Smoke and Video yet to be forced to fight the final boss with Concrete and have to power it up during the battle and ultimately end up in a short cut way!


End of Spoilers


in the end Second Son could have been something really Special if Sucker Punch had some more time with it and too bad they didn’t, and now we are left with what we call a Good game and from what it looked like an end for the Sucker Punch’s Infamous Saga


Author: Aza Jabar


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