A Weekend with friends (Warframe and Diablo 3)



Co-Op — has always been interesting to me, I don’t like PvP and competitive battling I simply don’t, what I like is coordinating with couple of friends and taking on challenges and so far none of my douche friends has ever played something I found I wanted to play until this weekend, on Thursday night me and a buddy of mine tackled down Warframe, a free to play 3rd Person action game which is available on both PC and PS4, While I played the PC version for a few weeks last summer I didn’t get hooked because I wasn’t playing with actual friends, and now am playing with a friend of mine and it is a blast, we coordinate and accomplished missions and also we ranked up, I think in order to enjoy this game to the max I would need to spend $20-$50 on weapons and suits but right now am not doing that.


Diablo 3 on the other hand was a different experience in a good way too, my friend who never played RPGs before wanted to play Diablo 3 so we downloaded the Starter edition and played the campaign in a cafe, I went with Demon hunter and he was the Barbarian, the difference now was when I played it alone it was a boring to easy game with a little reason to play it around but with a friend it was such a blast and the enemies were more and stronger even though we did not strategically plan our team and we both chose DPS we still enjoyed the hell out of it and played 4 hours with no stop, and am looking forward to buy the full game soon and get back on the game. 

In summation, I think Destiny will be an awesome game since I will be playing it with a bunch of friends and we are hyping up for it already 😀


Author: Aza Jabar


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