What Marvel should do next?



Marvel — is BIG and by BIG I don’t mean “BIG” I mean “Humongous” in a short time of 6 years they have released 9 Movies to gross over 6 billion dollars and start a legacy that will expand for the next 10 years, they recently became the biggest film franchise in history and that is not all their movies are plain and simply good, but they need to make a few changes to keep audience interested like the following

Give Nick Fury the F-word
Seriously Sam Jackson is awesome as Nick Fury but sometimes I feel like he is about to say “God damn motherfucker” yet he end up saying “what!?” that is not cool!!!

Cross overs are cool yes sometimes…
it just make the movies feel unrealistic I mean the whole worlds goes down in Thor the Dark World but Iron Man is nowhere to be found, he should pop up at one point and start blasting things, and further more they don’t give a realistic explanation why he is no where to be found, and am just giving that as an example they should find a way to fill these holes.

More Black Widow

ImageThat ASS!! and she should have her own movie in Phase 3, she does feel like kind of a glue who holds these movies together and I feel like her movie is not going to be such a smash hit because she does have a band of haters (Women!!) still I think it be awesome to add more depth to her.

and Move to games!
as a self proclaimed DC comics fan (and by that I mean I love Batman) I feel like Marvel has beaten DC when it comes to movies at least for now but DC is far better in games (again Batman) so I would love for them to get more into games and make some decent games around these characters, Hawkeye game please!


Author: Aza Jabar


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