the first 24 hours with PlayStation 4



PS4 — without a doubt at least currently is the leading console in the market (you never know WiiU might pick it up) so I picked it up with Infamous Second Son and after 24 hours here are my thoughts on the console :

Likes :

– DualShock 4
the first controller I have ever touched was the Atari 2600 and that was in 1992, until recently XBOX 360 controller was pretty good in my opinion and it was a favorite of my last gen but Sony did make a good effort improving the new controller, the touche pad and the new grips is really good and I personally really love the shoulder buttons they feel like they are made to shoot stuff with it 😀

– Remote Play
I just want to play Elder Scrolls Online on my PS Vita under a blanket, and it does feel like am going to be able to!

– Graphics, Sounds and all that crap
Improved…what else do you want me to say?

– PlayStation Plus
1 free game per month? here is my $50 per year!


– Dualshock 4’s light
For Jesus’s sake give me an option to turn this thing off!

that is the only thing I have a problem with, I am expecting couple of good years with this machine and I do really like it, having said that I will also pick up other consoles as well (Preferably the next Nintendo Console) and maybe a gaming PC down the line too


Author: Aza Jabar


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