What is Next for Nintendo?



Big N — like it or not is a player in the gaming industry, no matter how many times you try to act like they don’t exist they will proof over and over that they do and you can’t do much about it, they found Success with NES and SNES and lost a little with N64 and GameCube, came back on top with Wii and now looks like the Big N is living it’s worse days, WiiU is a huge bust and they are losing money for the 2nd year in row, Iwata is in trouble and he might get fired this summer, the 3DS is doing “Okey” but definitely not as good as DS did and it had the best year in 2013 so no one really knows if the console will pickup any more steam in the coming months, so what now? well reports suggest a new console in works, Bandai Namco recently put out a posting for over 80+ more people to join the Super Smash Bros. team and not for the 2014 Smash Bros. but rather for the 2015 Smash Bros. game, with a code name Smash Bros 6, now we know so far there has been 3 Smash Bros. games (1, Melee, Brawl) and 2 more in works that will make them 5, so what is this new Smash Bros. 6? it is a standard Nintendo policy that they will not make more than one Smash Bros. game per console, so if the new Smash Bros. 6 does exist is it going to be for the next Nintendo Console? I really hope so, persoanally I wish they make a PS4/XBOXONE Contender and bring the Nintendo franchises back to the hardcore gamers who has been missing them since the Wii launched, most 3rd parties love to work with Nintendo especially the Japanese and if they can support an HD System they could go very well with PS4 side by side, am not saying they will win the war all am saying there doesn’t need to be a war, they could just exist and to each his own, but I really do hope the mistake they did with GameCube doesn’t happen again, being 3 years behind Sony is what killed GameCube, bring the console to the audience now the core Nintendo Audience will buy it for sure and with 3rd Party software and a little price reduction over PS4 and XBOX ONE they can bring back the Nintendo that we Love and Miss….Dearly! 




Author: Aza Jabar


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