Persona 4 Golden Review



One — of the main reasons that I bought a PS Vita for was to play Persona 4, as a very active RPG player and someone who really loved Persona 2 and Persona 3 on the PSP it is natural that I have sink over a 100 hours in the excellent and some might even say best Persona title yet – and boy were they right! 

Persona 4 starts as any persona game, with you arriving to a new town and stumbling on some very weird events, in P3 those events were the Dark Hour and in P4 they are Midnight Channel and weird fog and murders, you meet a very interesting cast of characters and then you decided how to befriend them and how these actions will effect the way you fight in the game and even how the game will end for you, everything you do in this game is connected and related to the way you spend your days with these characters, I have decided from the beginning to make sure I unlock the best ending of the game which is Golden Ending and therefor my play through was a lengthy one and I also maxed all of the S.Links and so on and if you do so as well you will find Persona 4’s story a remarkable physiological journey that dares to scratch some of the most debated philosophical topics to date and it is amazing when a game tries something like this.



accompanying this beautiful tale is a deep and rewarding jRPG style battle system which puts you in a party of four and you get to chose how do you approach these battles, one thing Persona games is well known for is the Tactics Option which lets you chose how your party behave in battles and I took full advantage of that I did not want to fully control my party during every battle so I had one heal and support the party while three others went full offense and it was a very successful basic battle style, for bosses I took full command and I took a good strategic approach to them, by the end all my main party members (Chie, Yukiko, Kanji) were level 99 without grinding at all which was very pleasant, and I have discovered 87% of the personas without focusing on that aspect of the game at all, and the reason why am mumbling about this is because most people are annoyed by jRPG’s battle style and the hours of grind that it takes but here I was very comfortable with it all.



in the end I guess Persona 4 has everything good going for it Music, design, gameplay, story and Chie…I really like Chie! therefor I give Persona 4 a remarkable score and a must play for everyone who wants to enjoy a great jRPG.


Author: Aza Jabar


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