South Park : The Stick of Truth (Review)


South Park — A Show that started in 1997 Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone currently celebrates its 17th Season, the show become well known for its absurd comedy and gained a massive following and it is, but just like everything other property licensing it and adapting it to other forms and mediums is a heavy task, usually with Licensed material we end up with a mediocre take on an established world rarely we come across a game that dose the source material justice, lately we saw the Batman games doing so, and in the past there was the Capcom Disney games and a Reddik game was pretty good too, and of course we also get the Spider-man games, the Superman Games, and the other horrible games based on movies and TV shows that we love, South Park had it’s share of bad games with the first game came out in 1998 which was a first person shooter, then there was the party game, the Kart Racer and the tower defense game which they all did a terrible job capturing what South Park is all about which I think drove the creators of the show to make sure that they make a South Park game for the ages, Enter : The Stick of Truth

south park stick of truth screen 1Made by the RPG masters Obsidian Entertainment, written and directed by Matt and Trey themselves we end up with a game that is so true to the show which almost makes it feel like one of those 3 Episodes Story Arcs, a Turn Base RPG with a battle system very similar to Paper Mario series casts you as the new kid in town, you gotta make friends, kill Nazi Zombies and perform abortions in this 12-15 hour long RPG in order to make sure the Stick of Truth will not fall into the wrong hands, the game is very well written, and every frame of the game has an easter egg for the fans of the show, this is truly a love letter to the those who has watched every episode and they know it by heart (like me) but if you are a newcomer to South Park it might appeal to you as much which is in itself is a good news because now you have an excuse to watch the show which is free here! now back to the game

2435995-stickoftruthAs a South Park fan when they announced this game I was very excited and after all the delays and development bumps the game had because of the THQ Bankruptcy and Obsidian layoffs, there was a time where I felt like we might never get this game but am glad we did, due to its perfect graphics and sound this game will never go out of date and I think years from now when Matt and Trey decide to end the show and move on we will always have Stick of Truth and a way for us to explore South Park anytime we want and this is really good, having said all that if this game was based on any other property or if it was a new IP I don’t think I would have played it, but the fact that it is a South Park game made it a must play.


Author: Aza Jabar


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