Wait a little for Evolve

ImageAs — Someone who skipped most Multiplayer shooters last gen it is kinda weird that am very excited for most Multiplayer shooters coming this year, especially those of a Co-Op nature. Enter Evolve a 4 on 1 Multiplayer shooter by the Turtle Rock (Of Left 4 Dead Fame) coming by the end of this year, the innovating part of this game is the fact that the 5 player matches are divided by 2 teams Hunters and Monster.

ImageHunters are a class based shooting team who are sent to hunt down the monster and not allow the monster to achieve it’s goals, as usual the classes varies between Tank, Healer and DPS and each character is equipped with a set of skills that differentiate it from the others and make that character play a certain role in the battle, so far we only have 4 characters revealed but they said that they will have more to reveal soon

ImageMonster is a player character, controlled by someone and it has a set of skills that Evolves with eating and hunting wild life, the monster goes through 3 stages, 1st stage where it is weak and needs to hide and eat, 2nd stage where he is a little more powerful Turtle Rock said this stage is 50-50 which means hunters and monster are balanced, and stage 3 which is an all powerhouse monster with a little chance of hunters to win the match, so far we have seen Goliath only from the monster set with more to be shown soon

ImageEvolve is set to release sometime this year on PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE and PC


Author: Aza Jabar


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