Wait a little for Destiny



Bungie — The Masters of Halo and lets face it they did popularize the modern day shooters with Halo and if you are denying that then you seriously need to know that Halo alone carried XBOX PRIME over the 6th Generation, if XBOX barely survived that gen it was because of Halo and  all that glory goes back to Bungie, what is really admirable from the studio even after the massive found success with Halo they have decided to move to another game, with another publisher and this new title is the very anticipated and overly awesome looking : Destiny



What interests me in Destiny is not the visuals or the game play because we have seen all of that dozens of times, but mostly the settings and the promising CO-OP and very interesting Sci-Fi world which I can’t wait to explore, the fact that I can play with my friends and drop in and out when ever I want is also amazing, the game also has classes and they look very impressive



Looks like it will be like the Holy Trinity of MMORPGS kind of classes, and so much more to the game that hasn’t been shown yet


Destiny is hitting PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE on September  9th, 2014


Author: Aza Jabar


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