Ubisoft and the New IP Madness of 2014!


2014 — is a very a year filled with very high end AAA titles from game developers, games like Titanfall, Destiny, The Evil Within and The Order : 1886 are in fact where most eyes are looking at insight of games like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed that dominated the last gen, lets recap a little both COD and AC launched within the first few years of the console launch so am guessing the big game publishers are aware of that and they are obviously trying to establish franchises that will carry them over throughout the generation, and the one that wants the biggest piece of this cake is the french titan : UBISOFT

The company is living couple of good years with Assassin’s Creed selling over 55 million copies over the last generation alone, the company is obviously looking into establishing a slew of new IPs in 2014 alone, few have ever tried to attempt such a bold and potentially catastrophic move but I think Ubi has a very good list of upcoming games that could potentially be the defining titles of this generation so lets take a look, first of all

 Tom Clancy’s The Division


This game owned E3 for me, it looks amazing the concept is just borderline awesome an Open World Online RPG set in the an infected NYC with a 3rd person action shooter mechanics, who can say no to that? and at VGX this year they showed the engine and that looks even more impressive, couple of rumors surfaced the past few weeks suggesting the game has been delayed to 2015 but Ubisoft has kept the 2014 release date — for now!

The Crew


The Crew is as described by the game developer “An Online Racing RPG” and as someone who really loved Burnout Paradise I want to get my hands on The Crew ASAP! more on the fact that Racing games are doing great now days with Forza Motorsports leading the way and Need for Speed following, and Sony’s DriveClub is hitting this year as well so expect a lot of engine sounds in the coming months.


[Home Page Carousel] Aiden_Hacking_99827

and then there is Watch_dogs, the could be Assassin’s Creed 1 or 2 game of the year is surrounded by alot of skepticism, frankly I think the game might be good in the end with the new mechanics and Hacking and the promising Dark Soul Style Multiplayer, more over the game is very pretty, and the Gameplay also looks smooth, May 27th is our date.


While not as High Profile as the rest, Child of Light looks amazing and sounds even better, a turn based RPG from a western developers, which is something I have been wanting for years and furthermore I think UBI ART currently have one of the best looking art styles, based one the gameplay videos (1 2 3) I think this game will be like 2013’s Brothers a Tale of Two Sons kind of experience with heavy emphasis on the mood of the story, the game is going to hit basically everything this April.

I hope you liked my take on this year’s new IPs from UBISOFT, and also picked up the fact that I am very excited for all of them.



Author: Aza Jabar


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