That is Bat….Man!

ImageRocksteady — is back with a new Batman game to conclude the Arkham Story they have created, started with the critically acclaimed Batman : Arkham Asylum followed by Arkham City which was even more acclaimed and last year’s underrated but really awesome Arkham Origin as a prequel to the trilogy made by Warner Bros. Games Montréal which was a great game, and now the original creators are back with a new installment Batman : Arkham Knight and they say it will conclude the story of Batman games and it will Rocksteady’s last Batman game, and this is very exciting of course, in the interview with GameInformer they stated the following :

  • The Game will pick up a year after Arkham City so the story is very connected (if you know that means)
  • You can explore all of Gotham
  • You will have a derivable Batmobil
  • and Playable Harley Quinn (???)

this is all sound really wonderful but I have a few wishes that am hopping Rocksteady will keep it that way and they are :

  • Please don’t over crowd the game with villains, you don’t have to include everyone just make sure those you include are very well written and well acted
  • a little update to the gameplay, while still VERY fun but a little update will go a long way!
  • the Penguin is included (sadly) but can we minimize his role? he really sucks as a villain!
  • and don’t add multiplayer it wasn’t fun in because who will play it any way?

that is all for now, I will leave you with couple of images from the game














Author: Aza Jabar


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