and I wish the Oscar will go to….


March 2nd — will mark the night the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science will handout the 86th academy awards most commonly known as the Oscars to the nominees in various categories, the event will be live on ABC and hosted by the comedian Ellen DeGeneres, and despite the fact that I don’t really care about awards it is hard to not want your favorite people to take some statues home, so here are my Wishes for the Oscars tonight, those that I wish they win and those who I think they will win in some of the categories because I have no idea about some of them, here we go

Actor in leading role : (Went to Matthew Mcconaughey Alright, Alright Alright)
Who Will Win : Chiwetel Ejiofor
this guy did a great job in one of the year’s biggest films, he does deserve the recognition that he has been given so far I just hope Jennifer Lawrence knows how to pronounce his name

Who I want to Win : Leonardo DiCaprio
he is amazing and everyone knows it, he is almost cursed with the academy and I really want to watch the internet go insane for couple of days


Actor in Supporting Role (Called it)
Who Will Win : Jared Leto
Rarely people play Cross dressers as good as he did, he was very compelling and did give a once in a life time performance

Who I want to Win : Michael Fassbender
I love this man, and I want to see him in more projects and the Oscar is just going to make sure he gets more recognized, on top of that he did an amazing job in 12 Years a Slave in my opinion he was the heart of the movie


Actress in Leading role (Called it)
Who Will Win : Cate Blanchett
Blue Jasmine is a great movie, and when an actor is the reason why this movie is so great that talent rarely will go unnoticed, and Cate really killed it this time so am guessing it is a home run for her

Who I want to win : Amy Adams
One of my die for crushes, I really like everything she does (Except in Man of Steel she looked Horny the entire movie) and she is like the Female Leo, she was nominated several times and it is about time she nabs something


Actress in Supporting Role : (Called it)
Who Will Win : Lupita Nyong’o
I think it is well deserved if she wins, I just want to hear Christoph Waltz to pronounce her name

Who I want to win : Jennifer Lawrence
it is no secret the internet LOVE Jennifer Lawrence, and she deserves all the love she is getting she is the coolest, and she just have the best personality and so much fun in interviews and the internet will be on fire if she wins 2 years in a row


Best Director : (Called it)
Who Will Win : Alfonso Cuarón
his film is nominated for 10 Oscars and I think it is all because of him, the movie is amazing and there is no denying that and this guy should take home the statue

Who I want to win : David O. Russell
This guy makes great films The fighter ,Silver linings playbook were awesome and he topped all of them with American Hustle, so I really want him to win best director this year, he totally deserves it too


Best Picture (Called it)
Who Will Win : 12 Years a Slave
it is no secret this was the most buzzed about this year, so it will not be a surprise if it win, and it does have what it takes to win

Who I want to win : American Hustle
This movie has a piece of my heart, I thought it was brilliant and it totally deserves the best picture

so this is what I think, and we shall see who will win tonight!


Author: Aza Jabar


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