Root of All things One Dimensional

Kinetica — is the only game Sony Santa Monica ever produced aside from the God of War Series, the studio was hit with layoffs and rumors of a game cancellation this week and this makes me want to talk about why do I think Santa Monica is not a good studio and since am going to shit all over them lets talk about God of War a little as well, here we go!


One man, Big and strong goes on a rampage killing his former colleagues and fucks all the women in a R-Rated Blood Bath which was not directed by Quentin Tarantino because if it was that One guy was going to be a good character but in this mess of god-knows-what no one knows if Kratos is a good guy? a bad guy? a Jerk? a Nice guy? no one can ever know because he does everything….EVERYTHING!!!!! Kratos feels like a moody girl who hates mornings and the Coffee guy is hitting on her for some reason, so many Sony Fan boys are hating on the people who call Kratos One Dimension and I understand that because with 3 Prequels they have tried EVERYTHING anyone can do to add some depth to this character but he still feels like the guy who killed his wife and kids, his former boss, his brother, his father and all of his father’s friends and everyone who ever dared to call him a friend only to redeem himself by opening the Pandora’s Box and giving it back to the people, Still with me?


Never the less Santa Monica does have some good collaborations with Sony’s supporter’s small studios such as Ready At Dawn and thatgamecompany and that is a good thing, they offer technical consultancy and office space all great, but why can’t they produce a decent new IP? with under 15 million copies sold across 10 titles (including HD remasters and collections) God Of War is not THAT big of a hit why they don’t make a new IP like every other Sony Owned Studio? everybody else is doing it Naughty Dog, Guerilla Studios, Cambridge Studios, Team Ico is also making a game for the year 3000, why not Santa Monica? well the worst part is it seems that they tried to make one, but it was cancelled, apparently they made a Sci-fi adventure game directed by God of War 3’s very own Stig Asmussen and this dude did not work on God Of War Ascension so he might have been working on it for more than 2-3 years and now it is going down the dump, which is sad but never the less I hope to see good things from this studio in the near future and by good thing I really don’t want them to carry God Of War to the PlayStation 4, having said that I doubt that will happen too.


Author: Aza Jabar


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