Monday Love : Dune 2000


Developed by one of the all time best Real time strategy studios Westwood in 1998 and based on the Frank Herbert’s Popular Dune universe Dune 2000 was my first Real time Strategy game, and this game really became my favorite back then not because it was ground breaking or anything and based on the the reviews I think this game wasn’t really good but it was amazing to me because it almost felt like playing with toys, build a house for these toys and tell them where to walk and what to do and who to shoot and that feeling was amazing no doubt, when we finished the main campaign it was all good and we liked it but the game really started with us when we found the Single player Skirmish mode, needless to say I wasn’t speaking any English back in those days so I couldn’t navigate the menu like I do now days but it was revelation when I found it and we end up playing that mode for a whole summer going 8 players and beating them all not just that everyone we beat we take over their land and build a secondary base and farm more money and have more forces and then attack the next one and so on, it was an amazing feeling for me and my brothers and I think it is still one of our favorite childhood memories



Author: Aza Jabar


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