Back from the dead, or how some TV shows refuse to stay down for long



Cancellation — is basically the most painful word to a TV lover’s ears, imagine being invested in a show loving the characters and the story and wanting it to go for on for a long while and end with a satisfying ending and then BAM! your dreams are crushed by a bunch of studio executive meat heads who decided to cancel your favorite show because it is not making them much money, it sucks really bad, but looks like some of these shows are coming back from the dead recently which is a good thing (for the most part) and a spark of light at the end of a very dark tunnel

Imagerecently Netflix picked up one of my all time favorite shows Arrested development and it was a beautiful day, despite the fact that the show was not as good as it once was and the reasons were very obvious (change of formula, can’t put all the characters on the same episode because they had other commitments…etc) but I still loved it and I also look forward to more future Bluth family returns, Comedy Central picked up Futurama and after 3 years Re-Cancelled it and now there are rumors about the show going to Netflix too which is a great thing I really think it is suited for Netflix more, more of that today NBC announced that they will bring back Heroes for a 13 episode mini series in 2015, and despite how it did end the show was really good for a while and am glad they are giving it another go because this show had potential and I just hope this time they get it right, the shows I wish they bring back now is The 4400, My Name is Earl, and Happy Endings and please don’t cancel Community, God Please don’t! 



Author: Aza Jabar


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