Friday Love : Killer 7


Recap : A game about a group of assassins, each with different abilities and weapons that casts you into a weird world that you can only move in one direction by pressing X and when you see enemies which they are Exploding Zombies you go into the first person view mode and shoot them in the weap spot to collect some blood drop thing that you can use to upgrade your characters with, in one of the most Absurd stories ever told Killer 7 doesn’t just manages to weird you out it actually captivates you and holds you a prisoner by not knowing what is really happening and the curiosity to find out, the game until this day is considered one of the most debatable games ever made because you either fully love it or think it is the dumbest game ever made, I really liked it and I think I played it 3-4 times am not very sure but like trying to play some of the bosses with different characters (or forms) a good time, and it is till this day one of the most memorable games on the PlayStation 2 to me, here is a link for it’s video review on IGN


Author: Aza Jabar


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