Whatsapp People? Guess what? Facebook bought Flappy Bird for 1 Gazillion dollars!

Facebook — The Giant Social network website that am sure we all use or used at one point in our lives announced that they have bought Whatsapp for 16 Billion dollars, yes you heard me correctly Facebook Bought Flappy Bird for 1 Gazillion Dollars!



According to the recent Stats and numbers that I don’t know how to read the Popular App has 450 million users with 70% of them being daily users and Facebook was like “Yeah man we gotta reach out and expand our market and reach out to those 450 million users who are not aware of facebook” and after he took another buff from his Joint he continued “We gotta reach out man”, so I think it is time for me to tell you what do I think of it, I think for most this is Bullshit because of one little reason : FACEBOOK ALREADY HAS MESSENGER WHY DO THEY NEED WHATSAPP? I mean Flappy Bird!


You see? the image above is a comparison I pulled from Google, Facebook has an App that is already being used by more users than whatsapp so why they made this move? and the worst part of all this was 2 years ago I stop using facebook regularly and moved to Instagram and Whatsapp because Facebook now is filled with Parents and old school if you need some privacy you gotta move out and now both those Apps are own by facebook, the next thing you know you get notifications about random people asking what is your number on Whatsapp seriously why this is happening, so in case you (like me) need to find a new medium to chat on without the rest of your facebook friends on I suggest either Viber or BBM they are both pretty good and quite frankly better than Whatsapp especially Viber.





Author: Aza Jabar


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