so I came back from work today very excited to play the Titanfall Beta, I read this morning that if you have applied for the Beta before February 15th you will get access on 17th and 18th and I really was excited for it granted I never liked Multiplayer shooters, I was always bad at it and therefor I have always avoided it them, but I thought Titanfall is going to change all that and the fact that am not going to give it that go is not because I was wrong about the game mostly because for the past 2 hours all I did was swear at EA for having the worst….for being the WORST…fuck Origin


it is obvious that Titanfall is going to be big, this up and coming franchise is going to hit Call of Duty right where it hurts, forget the first game and focus on the 2nd one the one that comes right after Battlefield 5 and it is going to be on all the systems just a week before Call of Duty Ghost 2 hits the market and the situation is gonna be sticky for the two Titans of Game publishers and am not going to take any part in all that, because quite frankly I don’t like any of that I have nothing against those who can’t wait for that but not me, and this is why I wanted to play Titanfall because it is not that game yet it is an ambitious awesome looking game that seems very fun to play and it doesn’t seem to be like super hard and you won’t get killed every 5 mins and that is what I wanted but after today’s events I don’t think I will buy Titanfall -at least not anytime soon- because after downloading 12GB, and almost like gluing the stuff together on my PC I got an error message with no answer, and this is ok because am not paying for that but I could be, I mean we are talking about EA here this is the company that hasn’t fixed Battlefield 4 yet, took them a Year to take off the Online Mode in Sim City and wants you to pay to break a wall in Dungeon Keeper, EA sucks so bad now days that I am not sure I want to play anything they make the last generation they were ok I liked Mass Effect and Dead Space and Dragon Age Alot but am not sure they can keep up now, so yea for now EA is Public Enemy Number One for most players and this is sucks I wish it wasn’t like that and I was really excited to play this stupid Beta tonight!



Author: Aza Jabar


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